Important Passenger Pre arrival information for Nairobi Airport

Passenger Pre arrival information

What you need to know prior arrival………

Passengers flying into Kenya through  JKIA Nairobi airport can arrive easily and smoothly however you need to have prepared thoroughly and adequately before departing for your journey.Keep in mind below important things to be done

Passengers arriving in Kenya through JKIA Nairobi airport can arrive easily and smoothly however you need to have prepared thoroughly and adequately before departing for your journey.Keep in mind below important things to be done.

1.Check In and Prepare for Your Flight on time

Ensure you check in online where possible to cut on possible delays or eventualities that may occur in your county of departure.Always anticipate for delays hence plan accordingly

2.Documents Verification

With the current covid 19 pandemic, travel has changed and each country has a new set of entry requirements for all passengers, for Kenya below are the mandatory entry requirements:

  • A valid passport which should be minimum 6 months valid prior expiry date.   read more using this link on Kenya immigration rules and regulations

  • E-visa Depending with your Nationality Confirm if you need a visa or not to gain acess into Kenya. Not all passport holders require a visa to gain entry. Read below for more information

This is the official government website to apply for all Kenya visas, beware of other third party websites.

Kindly note Kenya no longer offers visa on arrival, everything is automated and has to be done in the government website. Please always  print out your E-visa

  • Ensure you have a valid covid-pcr test (96hours window) from date of taking test to date of arriving in Kenya. Port health officials on arrival will need to inspect this document in accordance with government regulations for managing the covid-19 pandemic.All covid tests come a verification code

Please always print out your covid test results


3. Check-In & Boarding Timelines

Most airlines list specific check-in policies and schedules. For more information, please visit the airline’s website

  • Check-in deadlines

Many airlines have a deadline for passengers to check in before each flight. Check-in deadlines are usually between 1 hour to 50 minutes minutes before boarding, and you are often not able to check in after those times (meaning you cannot go on your flight).Check-in deadlines allow airlines to to load luggage onto the plane, offer potential unclaimed seats to stand-by passengers, and to finalize documentation for take-off.

  • Boarding timelines

International flights often start boarding 1-2 hours prior to the departure time.Your boarding pass will list the time the flight will start boarding.Flights tend to board in shifts—they might call by rows or by groups. Your boarding pass will indicate your row or group.

  • Re-confirm your flight status

Check the status of your flight on your airline’s website the day before your flight and again a few hours before you leave your residence on the day of your journey. Look for a “flight status” link on their homepage. You can alter your schedule accordingly if your flight is delayed. If your flight is canceled, call your airline to make other plans.

  • Ensure you have all of your essentials

Before leaving the house, double-check that you have your passport, your wallet, and either your plane tickets, or your reservation/confirmation number.

  • Leave with more than enough time to get to the airport

For international travel, a good rule of thumb is to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to your flight.

Consider how long it will take you to get through the check-in queue, pass through security, and then walk or ride (tram, bus) from the check-in area to your boarding area ,your terminal and gate listed on your boarding pass

At some airports especially at peak travel seasons of the year, getting through the airport can take several hours. You should allow more time for immigration and customs clearance on overseas flights.