Important Passenger Departure information at JKIA Airport

Important Departure information at Nairobi JKIA Airport

Passengers departing  from Kenya through  JKIA Nairobi airport can deaprt easily and smoothly however you need to have prepared thoroughly and adequately before departing for your journey.Keep in mind below important things to be done:


1. Leave home/hotel with more than enough time to get to the airport

Driving to JKIA Nairobi airport can be sometimes take longer than expected due to the ongoing construction of the main  highway (Mombasa Road) hence many diversions on the road everyday and much traffic snarl ups. Leave home or your hotel way early and arrive latest three and a half hours early into airport.

At JKIA Nairobi airport especially at peak travel seasons of the year, getting through the airport can take several hours. You should allow more time for immigration and customs clearance on overseas flights.

2. Check In and Prepare for Your Flight on time

Ensure you check in online where possible to cut on possible delays or eventualities that may occur in your county of departure. Always anticipate for delays hence plan accordingly an din advance


3. Documents Verification

With the current covid 19 pandemic, travel has changed and each country has a new set of departure  entry requirements for all passengers, for Kenya below are the mandatory entry requirements:

Ensure you know all documents required to the country of your destination and have them ready and organised, preferably printed out as this makes verification easier.


At JKIA Nairobi airport, a mandatory negative valid PCR test is mandatory even if you possess a vaccination certificate. 

i) Please have your PCR test done at a credible testing center and print out results.

ii) Ensure you have a valid covid-pcr test .Port health officials on departure will need to inspect this document in accordance with government regulations for managing the covid-19 pandemic.All covid tests come a verification code
Please print out your covid test results

iii) Airlines have changing boarding requirements and some times as rapid  test , please check with your airline and arrange accordingly where necessary 


4.Check-in deadlines

  • Many airlines have a deadline for passengers to check in before each flight. Check-in deadlines are usually between 1hour to 50 minutes minutes before boarding, and you are often not able to check in after those times (meaning you cannot go on your flight).
  • Check-in deadlines allow airlines to to load luggage onto the plane, offer potential unclaimed seats to stand-by passengers, and to finalize documentation for take-off.