8 Reasons You Should Consider booking Airport Meet & Assist

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8 Reasons of our Airport Meet & Assist 

Whether we meet and assist you at the plane, your taxi or the airport arrival hall, we know you’ll find the experience helpful. But how can we do that? And what else does our meet and assist service provide? Here are seven benrfits of our Meet and Assist Fast track airport service

1. In depth Airport Knowledge

Umbato Safaris staff are fully trained in airport logistics, dealing directly with airlines, liaising with transport providers and have a pro-active approach to finding solutions to any issues that arise, at Umbato Safaris we don’t have problems, everything can be resolved!

 Our friendly staff are purely focused on the airport experience; their in depth airport knowledge is used to provide a seamless transfer from aircraft to trasnport. Our staff are fully trained in airport logistics, liaising with transport providers and have a pro-active approach to finding solutions to any issues that arise solving them easily.

2.We think about you.

We’ll think about you from the second you’ll be arrving at the airport. You can leave everything that worries at the terminal door with our knowledge of the airport and how it operates. You can leave everything to us and relax, whether it’s at the check-in desk you have to put your bags or at the gate to your flight, or having to handle all documentation.

3.JKIA Nairobi Airport is our Home

The reason you can leave everything to us and just relax, is because this is our second home! We know every twist and turn of the mystifying maze that is the airport because all our operations are bassed here, wherever you would like, or are required to go, we can take you.

4.Speed is essential

We know the airport like the back of our hands,  so we are fully prepared if speed is the most essential esnuring your travel needs are met may it be on that stressfull arrival, small window to make to the next flight conneecting or transit or that stressful departure ensuring you never miss your flight.

We can turn the engines around and get you across all this hurdles in record time.

5.diverse clientele base

Having build a wide range of clientele globally and locally and we like that.

We are proud to offer our services to everyone and anyone.

Ranging from Special requirements VIP’s, individual children, un acompanied minors ,parents, large groups,Elderly and senior citizens etc.

We understand that each customer can demand another service and we are well versed in this, but we can guarantee that everyone has the same happiness and desire to help.

6.We’re not scared by growth

As stated before, people are not the only customers to whom we offer a service.

We work with local and global tour providers,companies in various markets with very different needs.

It’s something we’ve been doing since Umbato Safaris was founded the very first year, hence many years of experience, providing meetings and helping large groups of children and adults.

We welcome more challenging jobs as this stretch us beyond our limits hence sparking demand driven organic growth in our company which in turn increases quality of service to our customers.

7.Personalized professional Services

Finally, we are proud to be a company that goes above and beyond what is necessary.

It is important, however, to make every passengers need attended to the maximum making the feel happy and comfortable as possible, so we understand how stressful airport formalities can be .

Contact is a major step towards this goal. You’re always going to have someone to contact. Our Emergency Telephone is ready to receive a response at any time of the day and team members will be in touch with you through the whole process.

We also help with requests more than gladly. Nothing is too much or too odd to ask.

8.Customer reviews

Please read heartfelt reviews of other passengers who have previously experienced Umbato Safaris hospitality


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